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Relax and unwind in comfortable surroundings, away from the busy hustle and bustle. We offer you the professional standard of a beauty salon, in the privacy of the home treatment setting, where your exclusive beauty treatments will be unsurpassed with our unhurried service and relaxing atmosphere.

From our product offerings to our core philosophy behind My Home Spa, we believe that every woman should feel in tune with her spirit and always strive for more.   Because every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel decadent.


 Hours of Operation

 Mon and Tues:   4 pm -  6 pm

 Wed,Thurs:      10 am - 8 pm

 Fri:                    10 am - 7 pm

 Sat:                    9 am  - 3 pm

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Spa Menu Pricing

 My Home Spa is located in picturesque Port Dalhousie on the shores of Lake Ontario. 
My Home Spa is a relaxing home based spa business that is solely owned and operated  and offers private, discreet services. 
  Look for our sign on the back of White SUV.    Simply come in the front door and go to the spa area.   
 My Home Spa can only serve 1 client at a time ~~~   Prices do not include HST ~~~    We accept cash and debit only ~~~ My Home Spa is registered and is fully insured

Nufree Hair Removal 
In an effort to keep cost low, clients are expected to exfoliate before their appoitment and to flick ingrown hairs out so that we are not going over an area more than 2 times.  There is an additional charge for going over an area more than 2 times
                 Full Legs------ $ 65             Lower legs------------- $ 35                     Upper legs----- $ 40
                 Full Arms --------$ 35       Half Arms ------------$25     
Underarms -------$20         Lip----------$10        Brow-------- $10                   
                                       Bikini --------$25  (panty line)               Brazilian--------- $40  (strip of your choice left)
                 Full Brazilian (L.A.)----- $55  (complete)
Services for Men
Back ----------$50 & up             Blend 1/2 arm-------$15
Chest--------- $50 & up          Blend 1/2 arm------$15
Brow Tint------$15        Lash Tint-------$25      Combo------$35
Free consultation to better determine pricing     
Shellac / Gelish
  • No foot or hand soaks with a gel enhancement
  • Basic application includes 1 base, 2 color, 1 top.  Each additional coat $5.00
  • Special pricing does not include removal of polish or gel from nails and toes--soak off $15 for nails and $15 for toes
  • Nail polish removal from nails---$6; 
  • Polish removal from toes-----$6
  • Full set stickers, crystals---$1.50 per digit
No foot or hand soaks with a gel enhancement.
Basic application includes 1 base, 2 color, 1 top.     Each additional coat    $5.00
Basic Manicure ----------- $30 
Spa Gel "Peach Satin Hands" Manicure---------$55  
Basic Pedicure ---------- $35
Spa Gel "Chocolate" Pedicure ----------- $65              available October - March
Basic Manicure & Pedicure ---------------$50   
French Mani/French Pedi  --------------- $45 / $40 
Cellex-C Vit. C Anti-Aging Signature Facial inludes cleansing, exfoliation with steam, extraction, facial toning with Nuface, facial mask, Serum, Hydra 5, finishing lotion                  $85 
Microdermabrasion Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation (steam if applicable), extraction, microdermabrasion           $85
Body Wraps
Seaweed Body Wrap includes dry brushing to stimulate, body scrub application of seaweed, thermal wrap for 20 mins, shower to remove and finishing moisturizer.  Seaweed is not applied over breasts, abdomen or genital areas.  Seaweed could help with eliminating toxins and can help with firming the skin                       $115
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Sessions
Full Face Microdermabrasion (no makeup)     $55         Full Legs Microdermabrasion                  $85
Neck and Decotee Microdermabrasion           $25         Full Arms Microdermabrasion                 $45

Brow Tint     $15            Lash Tint   $25      Combo   $35    
Email your appointment to     ifrost1@hotmail.com
Summer Sizzler Specials
     Shellac Manicure, Shellac Pedicure, Bikini  $35.00 + tax (does not include polish or gel removal)
Nufree Full Brazilian (L.A.):   $35 + tax   (going over area no more than 2 times) 
Nufree Full Legs:       $55 + tax   (going over area no more than 2 times)
        Nufree Lower Leg & Bikini:   $50 + tax   (going over area no more than 2 times)
    Lip and Brow:   $15    With chin   $18               
Gelish Basic or Shellac Basic Color Gel Manicure:    $22
French add $5

Gelish Basic or Shellac Basic Color Manicure and Color Pedicure & Nufree Bikini      $35 + tax

French add $5

No substitutions;  Not valid with any other special;   Some restrictions apply




My Home Spa reserves the right to refuse service to any person or persons who displays lude or inappropriate behaviour.    My Home Spa does not claim to heal or diagnose any medical conditions with any of the services we provide or products we retail.  My Home Spa reserves the right to refuse service to any person or persons who have existing medical conditions that represent contraindications to service or product